Angular Developer JOB

Angular Developer


: Angular developer

Exp: 0- 3 yr

Salary : 15k to 40k

Location : Bhopal

Good understanding of AJAX and JavaScript

Experience with RESTful services

UI development expertise using JavaScript frameworks like Angular

knowledgeable with common front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, and JS

solid familiarity with JavaScript topics like promises and asynchronous programming

being able to break down a challenge into simple software and UX design steps

knows how to send code and assets (such graphics and fonts) to a browser or device in the most effective way possible (e.g., lazy loading assets, using CDNs, caching, compression, etc.)

working knowledge of Angular TestBed, Karma, and Jasmine

working knowledge of agile environments

How to use Git to maintain source code versioning

Skills:- AngularJS (1.x), Angular (2+), HTML/CSS and RESTful APIs