Area Sales Manager JOBS

Area Sales Manager

For the Pune site, we are hiring a sales and operations manager.
Minimum 5 to 6 years of retail clothes experience are preferable.
Minimum graduate status with an MBA is required.

Role and accountability

establishing and executing sales processes for representatives, specialists, and teams
Performing research and data analysis to produce sales estimates >
identifying business goals in collaboration with other departments and top management
Finding clients and sales possibilities by examining sales data and consumer trends > Recruiting, hiring, and training sales reps
Developing and managing automation systems to improve the effectiveness of the sales process >
CRM tools should be implemented and managed to maximise opportunities and customer interactions.


Strong leadership capabilities to assess ongoing sales team performance and offer coaching and training as needed.

Effective verbal and written communication with sales teams, operations specialists, cooperating departments, and higher management requires communication skills.

superior analytical and problem-solving abilities to spot chances for streamlining the sales process and creating and implementing new strategies >

Understanding sales profitability and prospects requires financial abilities and business savvy >

Knowledge of technology to use CRM and database software in daily tasks >

To assess sales data and consumer patterns and provide sales projections, you’ll need reporting and research abilities.