Associate City Head JOB

Associate City Head


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We have a pressing need for the Health Assure Company. Associate City Head – Retail is the title. Ahmedabad and Pune are the locations.

Below is a description of the position. Associate City Head JOB

Call Mr. Sabareesh at +91 8714416824 if you’re interested in applying, or send your resume to [email protected].

Employment Profile: Associate City Head Retail

Associate City Head is the designation.

Level: Manager

Division: Sales

Location: 5 each in Pune and Ahmedabad

Reporting: Retail Sales Associate Regional Head

10 Health-Agency Development Officers in total
• Job Summary:To hire and train a team of variable distributors, also known as Health Agency Development Officers (HADO), in accordance with organisational requirements and surpass the sales target.

to help, mentor, and guide them as they build a team of skilled agents (entrepreneurs) to work under them and build a strong agency workforce.

enabling the HADO to use Health Assure to maximise its profits.

ensuring vigorous agent recruitment, activation through on-the-ground actions, and significant participation at all levels.
• Important Duties: Team Building

On the basis of management permission and in accordance with the Health Assure standards policy, hire 10 Health Agency Development Officers in the City (Pilot Phase) and scale up from there.

Through regular/periodic assessments, monitoring, and mentoring, team members are developed.

Promote and deliver consistent training interventions (both classroom field). Make sure the team has all it needs to work well.

Make sure the Team follows the specified sale practises.

Success of Business Plan

possess the PL (Profit Loss)

Build and diversify the Agency force through ongoing HADOs Agent activation and recruiting to surpass the plan.

Make sure the current Team of HADOs is active, inspired, and effective by developing a close relationship with them.

To ensure that the HADOs meet and surpass the benchmark, drive the incentive programme.

Contact with the home office

Drive the RR schemes that HO has occasionally proposed.

Help the Team members (ADO Agents) in their communication with HO to address their needs and worries.

entirely adhering to the standards set forth by the regulators the company.

Business Standards and Regulatory Conditions

All parts of a business, including its sourcing, must adhere to the standards set forth by the regulator Health Assure.

Should be responsible for the quality and longevity of the business obtained through his team in accordance with the criteria established by the organisation.

Job Requirements: New Business WFYP fulfilment of goals or exceeding them

Extension NOP WFYP

Activation of HADO Recruitment

activation of agent recruitment

Keep the business’s targeted product mix.

Limit attrition and keep it under control.

finding fresh market prospects to boost revenue.

Graduation is a must, while an MBA is desirable.

Should be stable and have a proven track record of success in insurance agency sales dating back at least five years (and with at least three and a half months’ worth of incentive payments).

Candidates with a background in health insurance will be given preference.

The candidate should be capable of using Microsoft Office (Word Excel)
• Essential Conditions (Qualification, Competencies Skill)

Should be under 40 years old.

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