React Js Developer JOB

React Js Developer     React Developer Position Description Notice: Remote Location Immediately up to ten days. Strong understanding of Javascript and the best practises around the web browser compatibility, layout conversion, and JavaScript; Understanding of capabilities with HTML5 and DOM manipulation; Proven understanding of Computer Science fundamentals, including web development, service-oriented architecture, cloud computing, … Read more

Image/ Content Tagger JOB

Image/ Content Tagger   The Ministry of Tourism’s approved digital media content provider is Tellme Digiinfotech Private Limited. Our line of work combines travel and tourism with photography. Image/ Content Tagger JOB 1. Describe the excellent images we have for use in web marketing 2. Find appropriate titles for the pictures through research 3. Focus … Read more

Associate JOB

Associate A profile of Associate with 1 to 5 years of experience who is knowledgeable about patent search and analytics [Prior art searches, Freedom to Operate (FTO), Landscape searches, etc.] is required by Legasis services pvt. Ltd. Associate JOB Mechanical, automotive, electrical, and electronics knowledge Locations for jobs: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi Please email … Read more

Testing Engineer job

Testing Engineer   Candidates’ responsibilities include: Responding to client complaints, assessing and resolving customer problems, assisting with equipment installation, analysing, inspecting, and reviewing results to establish the required problem solution Testing Engineer job Details about the position of Testing Engineer For five available vacancies in Pune’s Ramtekdi neighbourhood, Nuteck Power Solutions Private Limited is actively … Read more

Key Account Manager jobs

Key Account Manager Gain a thorough understanding of important customer demands and requirements. Develop trust relationships with a portfolio of large clients to ensure they do not turn to competitors. Strengthen ties with current clients by consistently putting forth solutions that achieve their goals. Key Account Manager jobs • Ensure that clients receive the right … Read more

vacancy in Tata Motors Manufacturing Company

Vacancy for Tata Motors Manufacturing Company In Pune Business Description A recruitment platform called Job Dials offers free job searching in India. In major metropolitian cities or rural areas, we headhunt people and offer services by free CV or Resume uploading. vacancy in Tata Motors Manufacturing Company Recruiting services are offered by to employers, … Read more

Human Resources (HR) Internship

Human Resources (HR) Internship in Pune at Nevam HR Consultants Private Limited Nevam HR Consultants Private Limited’s background Website – Leading HR consultancy firm Nevam HR Consultants Private Limited was founded. Effective end-to-end recruitment services have been offered to clients by Nevam HR Consultants Private Limited. Nevam HR Consultants Private Limited provides first-rate settlement … Read more

Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Internship in Pune at DutyPar (AI Technologies Private… The DutyPar (AI Technologies Private Limited) Website We are a facial recognition attendance and leave management tool powered by AI and machine learning that uses GPS data to match the location to record attendance. An integrated chatbot from DutyPar may increase employee engagement and automate … Read more

Android App Development Internship

Android App Development Internship in Pune at Stackfusion Private Limited   Stackfusion Private Limited Information We build our own controller and Edge AI units with the hardware being our intellectual property as an inventor in the IoT and artificial intelligence fields. Similarly, we adapted Android handsets for the POS systems so that they can scan … Read more

Associate City Head JOB

Associate City Head   Happy morning! We have a pressing need for the Health Assure Company. Associate City Head – Retail is the title. Ahmedabad and Pune are the locations. Below is a description of the position. Associate City Head JOB Call Mr. Sabareesh at +91 8714416824 if you’re interested in applying, or send your … Read more