CDP Chef

putting together menus in cooperation with colleagues. ensuring that the cooking stations have enough supplies. putting together ingredients that should be readily available (vegetables, spices etc.)

Details about the CDP Chef position

Two available posts for CDP Chefs are being actively filled by Imperativ Hospitality Private Limited in the Hadapsar neighbourhood of Pune. Please read the FAQs below for all the information you need about the position being offered.

1. What compensation should I anticipate?

Ans. A 25,000 INR starting wage is reasonable, and it can rise to 28,000 INR. Your abilities, experience, and performance during the interview will all factor towards the compensation package.

2. What are the requirements to be eligible to apply for this position?

Ans. People aged 5 to 31 who have completed a 10th-grade education or less are eligible to apply for this position. To get employed swiftly, you might apply for additional jobs in Pune.

3. Is there a particular talent needed for this position?

Ans. English language proficiency and effective communication skills are not prerequisites for this position.

Who may apply for this position?

Ans. Candidates must be men to apply for this position.

5. Can I do this job from home?

Ans. No, it cannot be done online and is not a work from home job. On apna, you can look through and apply for additional work from home positions in Pune.