Digital Telesales Executive JOBS

Digital Telesales Executive


responsibilities and role:

Find clients whose contact information is unavailable; negotiate with them about payments; and update their feedback on payments.
To collect debts owed by past-due clients in accordance with internal allocations and in accordance with the organization’s and the RBI’s procedures and policies within the allotted time frames.
He would have to ensure high field intensity, give his superior thorough visit feedback, and collect past-due accounts from consumers in all buckets and for a variety of products.
Appropriate application of obtained funds and prompt placement of funds.
Ideally from a collection agency Have effective written and verbal communication skills
Follow-up on delinquent customers; initiative; capacity to function under pressure; responsibility for collecting debts

Skills Necessary

Strong verbal communication abilities, a high level of self-assurance, the ability to handle consumers on the phone, good bargaining skills, and the ability to coordinate well with others are required.
Never refuse to do anything at work.
Must have a minimum of two years of sales experience (Insurance, Credit , Debit Card).
Candidates who are fluent in Marathi or Hindi would have an advantage. Other requirements include working on written off portfolios or skip tracing profiles, having a solid understanding of the local geography, and having good communication skills.

Educational history

SSC minimum passed
Minimum of 2 years of sales experience (Insurance, Credit , Debit Card)

Details about the position of Digital Telesales Executive

Aggra Technologies Private Limited is actively hiring for three open vacancies in the Koregaon Park / ABC Farm neighbourhood of Pune for the position of Digital Telesales Executive. Please read the FAQs below for all the information you need about the position being offered.

1. How much salary can I expect?
Ans. You can expect a minimum salary of 10,000 INR and can go up to 17,000 INR. The salary offered will depend on your skills, experience and performance in the interview.

2. What are the requirements to be eligible to apply for this position?

Ans. Candidates for this position must have completed their 12th grade studies, and their ages range from 1 to 31. To get employed swiftly, you might apply for additional jobs in Pune.

3. Is there any specific skill required for this job?
Ans. The candidate should have Thoda English skills and sound communication skills for this job.

4.Who could apply for this position?

Ans. Candidates of both genders may apply for this position

5. Can I do this job from home?

Ans. No, it cannot be done online and is not a work from home job. On apna, you can look through and apply for additional work from home positions in Pune.

6. Are any fees or deposits necessary to apply for the position or to join?

ANS No work-related deposits are required while you are still employed by the company.

7. How do I apply for this position?

Ans. Visit the apna app and submit your application. To set up your interview, click the apply option and call HR immediately.

8. When is the deadline for applications?

Ans. The deadline to apply for this position is January 14, 2023.