Lead Generation Executive JOB

Lead Generation Executive

 Lead Generation Specialist/HQL Specialist positions are available.


Lead Generation Manager

Experience: at least three months

Outstanding communication skills.

Must Dial: BAND, MQL, and HQL

Qualification: Any MBA or Graduate

responsibilities and roles:

To support sales and marketing in creating a lead pipeline in order to achieve business goals, quotas, and targets. accountable for producing leads through calls, emails, and social media.

duties and responsibilities:

• Track, manage, and update lead research

• Make calls to potential customers to find new clients.

• Speak with potential clients to qualify leads

• Conduct research and keep a database for lead creation.

• Provide management with accurate and timely information.

• Gain a thorough understanding of the company’s goods and services to help with sales.

Required abilities / qualities:

• Effective communication in English (verbal and written)

knowledge of cold calling

• Database maintenance and research expertise

• Working knowledge of Western corporations (preferred)

Web address: reysion.com

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