Marketing Manager JOBS

Marketing Manager

Dojima Network is a blockchain technology company that creates a cross-chain interoperability blockchain that enables token transfers between layer 1, layer 2 chains. They also provide infrastructure for developers to create applications on dojima that make it possible to communicate with layer 1, layer 2 chains from a single location. Additionally, Dojima offers cross-chain wallets that let users send and receive tokens while managing different blockchain tokens in one location. The blockchains that are currently supported are Dojima, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Arweave, Binance, and Polygon. We will eventually support layer 2 blockchains.

Our marketing plan will be developed and carried out by the appropriate candidate. You will direct our marketing initiatives, assess our marketing performance indicators, and work with internal groups. You will have a solid history in marketing, as well as great communication and attention to detail abilities.


• Set up and manage hackathon events

• Promote the event on many media and be able to draw attendees


• Bachelor’s degree or relevant professional experience
• Ability to multitask • Strong verbal, writing, and organisational abilities
• Marketing experience of at least one year