Music Teacher JOBS

Music Teacher



To instruct our courses in music and associated subjects, such as popular music, traditional music, and modern music, Univo Education is looking for online professors. Our online staff provides a top-notch educational experience and works directly with their students to help them reach their academic objectives. To make sure that students have the materials and tools required for success in their programmes, online instructors collaborate with the academic team in a friendly environment.

General responsibilities and roles: 

• To ensure the success of your students, regularly seek out and connect with them, as well as with academic advisers and faculty supervisors. Engage in intimate communication by being more and more inventive in your class groupings.
• Provide insightful criticism and swiftly assess papers and submissions.
• Actively engage your students to support their academic development.
• As you relate your expertise and professional background to the course’s material, act as a leader and a role model for others.
• Actively participate in forums for debate that are held once a week to build exposure and presence.

Minimum requirements for professionals:

a master’s degree in music or a related discipline (PhD. preferred)
• Evidence of at least five years of experience teaching at the university level,
including publications and research in music-related subjects;

Professional qualities that are desired:

• Capabilities for online teaching and facilitation

Ideal professional specialisations:

Cultural studies,

music, musical


music history

Online professors are paid competitively through a commissioned labour model. At the conclusion of the undergraduate or graduate school term, which lasts 8 or 10 weeks, payment is made.

Background checks are necessary and are free for applicants.

The link to their three finest articles or books is also required. Those interested in this chance must provide a copy of their resume or curriculum vitae (CV), as well as scanned copies of their transcripts and graduation (publications). They are all unavoidable requirements.

Interested Candidates please share your UPDATED resumes at : [email protected]