Nurse Mentor JOBS

Nurse Mentor- Technical lead



assist the TAF programme team in creating technical interventions and programme

components and implementation strategies, and ensure that they are appropriate and technically sound.

with the most recent standards. Nurse Mentor JOBS

Peopable Management Services Private LimitedF4CF+XJP, Phase V, Aya Nagar Extension

Contribute your medical knowledge to the creation and use of technology tools

(For instance, capacity-building modules for frontline employees, knowledge assessment tools for

health personnel

Train TAF’s technical team (such as nurse mentors) to ensure they are up to date on MCHN and

supervise technical field activities and make sure the TAF team is providing the best possible mentoring


Increasing knowledge of medical topics in MCHN and TAF internal teams

workstreams (such as selecting impact markers for programme monitoring, utilising medical

be the point of contact for all MCHN inquiries inside the communications;


Keep up with the most recent medical advancements in the field of public health, such as guidelines ,

worldwide best practises, innovations) and inform the TAF team on pertinent developments.

understanding of and support for government quality assurance and

Like Laqshya, Kayakalp, Dakshta, etc., quality enhancement

Serve as a knowledgeable liaison for interactions with important stakeholders, including state and district

Government representatives, particularly in making sure TAF’s technical MCHN recommendations are

appropriately communicated.

Role prerequisites

Registered with the MCI/NMC/State Medical Council: MBBS and/or MD. Additional

MPH-level degrees are preferable.

Experience in MCHN for at least five years, with knowledge of maternal and child health in-depth

nutrition, health, and child health.

Having preferably extensive experience managing a technical mentoring/training programme

knowledge of public health policies and programmes in India.

experience making presentations in front of an audience and writing quality technical articles

publications, etc.

ability to roam widely throughout rural field locations

showed leadership, adaptability, integrity, and a sense of teamwork.

the capacity to mentor and coach team members.

Possess communication and persuasion skills.

strong principles of integrity and humility.