Operations Manager JOBS

Operations Manager

Job title: Virtual Assistant/Manager of Online Business (Admin, Operations & Support Role)

You must complete a straightforward 5-step process before you can join Wishup as an online business manager:

  •  You can begin by completing the necessary information here: https://bit.ly/2WZxyWk
  •  After entering all the necessary information, you will find two online tests on the same link: an English writing test and an aptitude test, both lasting 15 minutes.
  • Within 48 business hours of the completion of the first two processes, you will receive an update. Please keep an eye out for the same in your inbox and spam folder. You will experience the following after successfully completing the aforementioned steps:
  •  HR conversation
  • Interview with the hiring manager
  • Assignment

Describe Wishup.

Wishup is the top remote worker platform in India, assisting US-based companies in forming highly effective remote teams. It was established in 2015 by alumni of IITM and IIMA, and in its quest to become the largest all-remote firm in the world, it has received backing from notable investors including Orios Venture Partners, Inflection Point Ventures, Tracxn Capital, and Mato Peric.

In other words, we invented remote work at a time when few people really understood it, and now we are paving the path for everyone to see.

Job Description:

A Wishup Online Business Manager/Virtual Assistant is a full-time remote employee who works for Wishup, receives training from the company, and is assigned to interact with one or more US-based clients.

  • – The position is full-time and remote (not a freelancing assignment)
  • – Working in the US time zone is a requirement of the position.

What do you stand to gain?

  • You will get the opportunity to interact and form relationships with some of the world’s most intelligent entrepreneurs and CXOs who are working on cutting-edge concepts.
  • – Since remote work is involved, applying for a US visa is not necessary.
  • – Continuous upskilling to stay relevant in the market: We offer up to six weeks of training during onboarding in all the newest tools and techniques.
  • Work from home (or anywhere) indefinitely with a stable full-time remote employment at a company that has been entirely remote for over 5 years!
  • – The potential for quick wage rise based on biannual reviews
  • – An appropriate work-life balance

responsibilities and roles:

  • You will collaborate closely with one or more clients as an online business manager on any or all of the following tasks:
  • – Shopify and Amazon Seller Ecommerce Support
  • – Project Administration
  • – Advanced MIS Reporting and Excel
  • – Lead management and CRM
  • Internet Research
  • Generating leads
  • – Executive Support (Itinerary Planning, Calendar Management, Inbox Management, etc.)

You would fit in well if you had:

  • – At least 2 years of experience working in a corporate setting.
  • – A consistent record of employment across a career
  • – Perfect spoken and written English
  • – A talent for logic and mathematics
  • – A track record of success in resolving workplace conflicts
  • – The capacity to maintain constant self-motivation and organisation
  • – Working knowledge of US time zones

Job requirements: 

– A workspace free from distractions and unaffected by the outside world

– Mobile device with email functionality

– A dependable internet connection that is at least 70 mbps in speed.

– A laptop with an integrated camera and a home office setup with at least 8GB of RAM for Windows and 2GB of RAM (including webcam) and an I-3 7th Gen CPU running at 2.4GHz. and MS Office’s most recent version is installed (all programs; Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint). additional minimum internal GPU memory of 256MB.

– A set of earbuds

Work Shift (one of the two options below may be assigned):

Mon-Fri, 6:30 p.m. – 3:30 a.m. IST
Mon-Fri, 9:30 p.m. – 6:30 a.m. IST

Salary: Up to 30% hike (max salary offered is 63.75k/month