Project Manager

Project Manager

• onsite fulltime 5+ years of experience.

We are searching for a project manager with knowledge of the design process (wireframes, visual explorations, hi-fi mockups), expertise producing digital products, and strong communication skills.

You will oversee a team of designers and developers and interact with A+ customers, including well-funded startups and major corporations, to make sure that their needs are met and that they are heard.

From technology to medical and scientific fields to fitness, fashion, and social media, our clientele is diverse and intriguing. You’re likely to discover and investigate any field you like the best.


advantages of working with NumeroEins

Flexible Schedule

Whichever time zone you work from is irrelevant as long as fantastic work is delivered before day’s end.

Work from any location

We are a remote team, so you may work from any location, including your house, a café, or a beach.

First, Health

We will refund your gym membership up to $100 per year for full-time workers because we want you to always feel your best.

Working Tools

To produce your greatest work, you must have the finest equipment. For full-time workers, we pay up to $250 in equipment expenditures annually.

Growth Collectively

Nobody is perfect, and we are all still learning. We always appreciate any input or suggestions you may have to help us run our business more efficiently.


Smiles have a tendency to move about. You do the same to us, our clients, and their users, and we want to throw one in your face.”



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