Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Finding applicants using a variety of channels, including as social networking sites, databases, headhunting, cold calling, mapping, and recruitment portals.
• Reviewing applicant resumes in accordance with the requirements for the role.
• Analyzing the candidate’s biography, career goals, and role fit while providing advice on how the position being offered will best advance their careers.

• Sending resumes to customers and coordinating feedback requests until the position is filled;

• Assisting with all recruitment efforts, including walk-in interviews, bulk emails, job postings, etc.
• Monitoring the progress of the hiring procedure.
• Outlining employment details and perks when conducting a screening.
• Completing reports on employment activities in a timely manner.

• Attracting candidates by posting job ads; getting in touch with recruiters; and utilizing job sites and newsgroups.
• Compares applicant credentials to job requirements after interviewing candidates, assessing their answers, and checking references.
• Provides frequent updates on the status of allocated job openings, early warnings, and regular feedback on the effectiveness of the hiring process.


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