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Sales Intern

More often than not, careers may now be planned around your life.

It can be rewarding and exciting in terms of learning experiences to begin your sales and marketing internship as a freelancer or in an independent consultant’s role.

If you’re interested, these roles could most likely lead to entrepreneurial associations!
• Due to the many benefits it offers, we are happy to offer freelancing to a select group of interns from across the country who want to work with us part-time and complete their internship tasks as freelancers.

You can set your own hours when you work for yourself.

As a result, you might plan your life around your career rather than vice versa.

By choosing a freelance career, you can work on a variety of projects and build a diverse portfolio.

This can be quite helpful in terms of learning new skills.

People who desire to increase their income should consider freelancing.

Are you considering this position as a sales and marketing intern with the intention of eventually looking for possibly lucrative and adaptable freelance opportunities?

If you answered “yes,” continue reading and then fill out an application.

Those of you who have conquered challenges and are presently attempting to return to the workforce after a pause or interruption are also warmly welcomed and urged to take advantage of this opportunity for an internship if doing so will be advantageous just for you.

If you’re seeking for adaptable and motivating freelance opportunities as an intern to start with so you can advance, check out our amazing entrepreneurial alliances.

Due to a variety of advantages, our members can work whenever they choose while still feeling like team members.

Check out our incredible entrepreneurial associations if you’re looking for flexible and inspiring self-employment options.

Those of you who have overcome various obstacles and are presently seeking to return to the profession after a stop or break—even a significant one—are also welcome to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you want to go back to work or make the most of your leisure time, we are delighted to offer you part-time entrepreneurial associations in technical sales CONSULTING jobs that are fantastic freelancing options.

Although an engineering degree is not essential to apply, you should have GOOD experience in technical sales and marketing for the core engineering industries of construction or a comparable sector.

Before applying, keep the following #Keywords in mind:

# Items for the engineering sector (core engineering, government projects, construction, infrastructure, civil engineering, roads, and railroad contractors connected).

# Technical Product Promotion (Geosynthetics and similar sustainable engineering products)

For Contractors In Government Construction, There Is A # Technical Solution.

# Coordinating with project execution authorities or infrastructure building companies (road/rail) for coastal developments.

# Conferring with decision-makers and procurement specialists from the building sector and allied industries.

You might decide to carry out a self-evaluation utilising the aforementioned keywords given that these are prerequisites to progress.

Are the aforementioned words applicable to your history, your CV, or your profile?

Would you be interested in working with us as a salesperson or independent consultant with a commission-based pay structure for models that boost sales?

In addition to environmental engineering, the infrastructure sector, building materials dealers/subcontractors, government construction agencies, and PWD contractors, are you interested in speaking with construction experts and decision-makers from the marine, coastal, harbour, dredging, reclamation, road, and rail construction areas?

Please just respond YES to the questions above before continuing.

In the key engineering sectors, including infrastructure, coastal engineering, civil and structural engineering, industrial goods, environmental, and related fields, to name a few, we specialise in advancing sustainable engineering products and creative services.

Additionally, we provide a range of geosynthetic products that are frequently used in infrastructure applications such as building roads, railroads, and coastal infrastructure.

Are you already in contact with contractors who work in civil engineering and infrastructure? Or did you have good connections with railway contractors, builders, developers, or pwd contractors?

This will be most appropriate for you if you already have strong connections with the aforementioned group. As soon as possible, please get in touch with us to express your interest in pursuing this concept in your region.

If you are passionate about interacting with people in your neighbourhood or nearby geographic areas because of your interest, even if you are not well connected, you could still take this up, provided you are eager to do this.

These are not your typical goods or services. We have something fun for you!

We have been working on this MSMEs/SMEs interface for the past ten years in an effort to advance sustainable engineering products and technical solutions both domestically and abroad.

Don’t pass up this chance to participate in something unique.

It’s simple to get started; all you need to invest is your knowledge and some spare time. You may work from home or on a part-time basis whenever it suits you.

Make the most of this chance! We are requesting the participation of all creative thinkers.

Important Notice: If you are interested, please get in touch with our team at the WhatsApp-only number provided (+919448719271-Only WhatsApp) after applying correctly using this linked link. Do not call, thank you. Please send the information to us using this LinkedIn link so that we can move forward initially, and once you apply, update on WhatsApp with some information about yourself.

We value you taking the time to read the information, and we anticipate speaking with you soon.